Anaheim United Methodist Church

A Mission Statement

A Statement of our Purpose...
Anaheim United Methodist Church is a community of faith that seeks to be a growing and dynamic church in Anaheim with an outreach of this region of Orange County and beyond.  We are part of a world-wide communion who believe in God's transforming love as demonstrated by the life, teaching and influence of Jesus. 

Believing that we are undergirded by God's presence through God's Holy Spirit in our daily living, we serve God as we:
  • reach out and receive persons into the faith family as they are;
  • help persons to relate to God and grow in their commitment to the values exemplified in Jesus;
  • provide opportunities for persons to grow and deepen their faith as Christian disciples; and
  • to send persons into God's creation as faithful disciples.
As God's people, we seek to bring a fresh vision of hope as we minister to one another and the larger community in which we reside.  We seek to faithfully live out these four foundational missional principles. 

We shall endeavor to be a place of grace in today's world.
written by Pastor Don Roe