Anaheim United Methodist Church

Old Photos

Anaheim Methodist Episcopal Church, 1889
Built on Philadelphia Street south of Center Street (now Lincoln Ave) and dedicated on September 29, 1889,
the small white church was only 26 feet wide and 52 feet long, but with an impressive steeple.

A postcard of the town of Anaheim, circa 1905.  We believe the Methodist Episcopal church is in the center of the card (circled in red)

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Anaheim, 1920
This building, at the corner of Broadway and Philadelphia was dedicated on April 20, 1920

From an old postcard.
The large two-story building also had a full basement.  The sanctuary had high, two-story ceilings. 
The Sunday school rooms were on both levels at the right side of the building (east) in this photo.
The basement had a full kitchen, chapel and meeting rooms.

The two doors on the left (Philadelphia St. side) gave access to the sanctuary.
The doors on the right (along Broadway) allowed entry to the Sunday School rooms a
nd sanctuary. 

Wesley Hall was built at the north side of White Temple in 1930.
The hall included a stage and small kitchen.
It was used by the Men's Bible Class and for youth drama productions.

A sketch of old White Temple, by W. Haight, 1956.
(courtesy of Dick and Phoebe Gray)
This later image shows some remodeling.  A new door has been added on the Broadway side near the corner,
giving access to the sanctuary and a new office.
The door at the corner along Philadelphia has been removed and replaced by a window.

The Sanctuary of old 1st Methodist Church on Broadway, 1960.
(courtesy of Dick and Phoebe Gray)
The sanctuary faced west (towards Philadelphia St)  The large pipes from the organ were behind the white (with blond wood trim) walls
on either side of the altar.  There was a large balcony at the back of the sanctuary.

Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church (People's Church) - 1930
Built circa 1926, and located at 630 N. Los Angeles St. (now Anaheim Bl.) this building still stands.

In later years, the old church served as a US Marine Recruiting Station,
and in the early 1960's was used by the Anaheim Police Department.

Wesley Methodist Church, later named East Anaheim United Methodist Church, 1959
Located at the northwest corner of Romneya and Acacia, this building is still a church today.

Anaheim United Methodist Church (before Fellowship Hall was built), 1973

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