Anaheim United Methodist Church

You Are Welcome

 YOU Are Welcome at
Anaheim Uni
ted Methodist Church!

  • There is No One Too Young, No One Too Old
  • No One with Too Many Sins or Too Little Knowledge of the Bible
  • No One With the Wrong Skin Color or Nationality
  • No One of the Wrong Gender or the Wrong Sexual Orientation
  • No One Who Speaks the Wrong Language or Has the Wrong Marriage Status
  • No One Who is Excluded, Unwelcome, or Ineligible from Full Participation in this Church!

                                                          ALL ARE WELCOME!

No guilt! No hard sell! Just friendly folk who want to grow in their spiritual journey.

                                                                    *     *     *

If you are interested in being part of a vibrant, growing fellowship where the centuries-old message is made applicable to today's living . . . Come!

If you are looking for meaning in your life and folks who will join you in the search . . . Come!

If you have a passion for serving the community and the world . . . Come!

If you are cautiously curious . . . Come!

Are you interested in becoming a member of our church?

Please call Pastor James (714-776-5710) for more information.