Anaheim United Methodist Church

Caring Ministries

As part of our call to be in ministry with one another, the members and friends of AUMC are there when you need them.

 Our Caring Ministries include:

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
 The Prayer Shawl Ministry is one way AUMC members care for one another and others outside the AUMC community.  Shawls are made by volunteers and are given to people who are experiencing pain, loss crisis, as well as joys and celebrations. Shawls are given to newborn babies. We hope that these shawls act as a sign of God’s love and care for each individual who receives one. If you would like to request a shawl for someone, please fill out a prayer shawl request form.   If you would like to make a shawl or donate yarn or other supplies, or have any questions, please contact the churhc office (714-776-5710.)


Vicky Galo and Janet Bristow are credited with introducing the Prayer Shawl Ministry in 1998 as a part of our Christian life. Following their participation in a Women?’s Leadership Institute at the Hartford Seminary (Connecticut), they left with the inspiration for the ministry. A mutual interest in knitting/crocheting and a compassion for their fellow women led each to specific areas. Vicky knitted prayer shawls for women with breast cancer and other illnesses. Janet knitted for new mothers. Little did they know that this powerful expression of caring would spread worldwide to all genders and ages.

So, how did the ministry take root at AUMC...with the Runions! As many prayer shawl ministries begin with the receipt of one, so did it at AUMC. Larry’s sister and her husband came to visit the Runion’s following Evelyn’s first cancer treatment. Lucille Hansen brought a shawl to present to Evelyn. She placed the shawl on Evelyn and offered a prayer at the same time. It was this presentation that so moved Evelyn and led her to seek assistance in bringing a similar ministry to AUMC.

Evelyn turned to the Women?’s Bazaar Group, which she co-chaired with Rhea Switzer. Several ladies in the group embraced the idea and began knitting shawls as requests came. Even though the group has disbanded the ministry has continued and flourished. Since the first shawl at AUMC was delivered in 2004 over 950 have been completed by twenty- six persons ?– church members, former church members and non-members.

The dedication of Evelyn and Larry Runion to this ministry has brought comfort and joy to people far and wide. Our congregation has been blessed to be the recipients of this powerful ministry.
Resources: and Larry Runion

  • Intercessory prayer by Prayer Chain and the entire AUMC fellowship
         Click here to make a Prayer Request.  Call the church office (714-776-5710) to become a member of our
         Prayer Chain and receive e-mail notifications of prayer needs.
  • Visits by telephone and in person to homebound members

Many of our parishioners are now homebound or in nursing homes.  They miss the fellowship of familiar and friendly faces.  The Caring Committee organizes teams of two to help visit these folks.  If you would like to be a part of this great Caring Ministries Visitation Team, please call Betty Enoch (714-778-8969) or the Church office (714-776-5710).  You can find more information about this and other ministry opportunities on our Ways to Serve page.

  • Pastors are available for emergencies and spiritual care.

Please feel free to call the church offic
e (714-776-5710) if you or a loved one ever needs to be connected to a Pastor for spiritual care.