Anaheim United Methodist Church


It Could Happen Here…

In the wake of major earthquakes around the world, and keeping in mind that we live in an active fault area, it seems like a good idea to remind ourselves that we also live in “earthquake country”.  With that in mind…


What should you do if a major earthquake strikes while you are in our Church Sanctuary? 

There are not enough doorways for us all to stand under, and besides the doors are dangerous glass.  Trying to get outside or walking any distance during a quake is not safe or recommended. 


The safest place is probably the pew bench you are sitting in.

  • Lay down on the bench, so the back of the pew is higher than your body.
  • If you are able, get on the floor under the pew.


After the Earthquake is over, the pastor and ushers will decide if evacuation is necessary, and if so, will direct you to the safest exits.  (Remember the two exits on either side of the altar.  We don't normally use those, but they are available, if safe.)  If you or someone near you needs assistance, be sure to let the ushers know.


What should you do if an earthquake strikes while you are in other areas of the church? 

Normal earthquake response procedures should be followed: 

  • Get under a table, desk or other sturdy object.
  •  Lay down next to a sturdy object larger (taller) than you (a couch for example).
  • Stand in a doorway.
  • If you are outside, get away from buildings, tall trees, wires and objects.
  • Stay away from unsecured bookcases, tall cabinets, etc.

The church has several emergency Earthquake Response Kits in place around the facility. 


If everyone knows what to do in the event of an earthquake, we can all work together to make sure we stay as safe as possible.

Dennis Gray

AUMC Safety Committee

Continue on this page for more information on preparing for, and surviving an earthquake.