Anaheim United Methodist Church

"Church Leadership" Opportunities

The Lay Leadership Committee of Anaheim United Methodist Church is charged with the responsibility of recruiting people to serve our congregation on various committees of ministry in the coming year.

Our Administrative Committees are:

  • Church Council - the governing body of the congregation.
  • Finance Committee - oversees the annual budget and develops the annual finance campaign.
  • Board of Trustees - are stewards for our physical plant and deal with legal and insurance related issues.
  • Staff Parish Relations Committee - oversees the work of our paid staff, including our pastors.
  • Lay Leadership Committee - identifies, recruits, trains and supports the leadership of the congregation.

 Our Program Committees are:

  • Adult Education - develop and offer short- and long-term study opportunities for adults, including spiritual foundation opportunities.
  • Childrens Ministries - ministry for children from infant to 6th grade.
  • Hospitality Team - promotes an environment of hospitality in the life of the congregation and invites and encourages persons to join the congregation.
  • 9:00 a.m. Worship Team - coordinates the 9:00 contemporary worship celebration.  Reviews and assists with all the aspects of worship.
  • 10:30 a.m. Worship Team - coordinates the 10:30 traditional worship celebration as well as other special services (i.e. Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve).  Reviews and assists with all the aspects of the worship.
  • Homeless and Local Missions - assists the congregation in reaching out to persons in need in Anaheim and other communities.
  • Caring Committee - care for church members including visits, meals, transportation, prayer chain, and prayer Shawl ministries.

If you are willing to serve on one of these committees, or know someone who is, please contact a member of the Lay Leadership Committee or call the church office.  

There are many other teams, groups and committees here at AUMC.  If you have a particular interest, hobby, skill, or just like to do something, call the office and we will help team you up with just the right group.