Anaheim United Methodist Church

Friendly Visitor Program

The Friendly Visitor Program, organized by Community SeniorServ, is one that matches homebound Meals-on-Wheels recipients in need of companionship with Friendly Visitor volunteers.  (Community SeniorServ also organizes the annual Christmas "Senior Angel Tree" program we participate in.)

Although each case is unique, volunteers generally visit their senior friend (in the senior’s home) on the average of once a week for one hour. Days and times are determined at the discretion of the client and volunteer. Volunteers attend a short training and are required to complete a criminal background check prior to volunteering.

For more information, please call the church office.

Here is a list of clients waiting:

  • Francis (87 years old):  Francis is a very sweet natured woman who enjoys reading, going on walks, and playing cards. She is experiencing some depression due to feelings of loneliness and isolation. She has requested a visitor to help brighten her day.
  • Alexandra (age 67):  Alexandra lives with her daughter who needs to work during the day. She would enjoy companionship during the hours her daughter is working. She experiences depression due to health issues and loneliness. She spends her hours alone reading and would enjoy more social stimulation. She has an outgoing personality and is looking forward to having a new friend.
  • Marjorie (age 85):  Marjorie’s daughter is concerned that her mother is becoming subdued and quiet and showing early signs of depression due to a lack of social contact. Marjorie needs to be encouraged to keep socializing in order to feel better. A volunteer with an outgoing and persistent personality could make a huge difference for Marjorie.