Anaheim United Methodist Church

Pathways of Hope (Halcyon)

Halcyon is a local homeless shelter for families.  Anaheim United Methodist Church sponsors two apartments at Halcyon.  We provide necessary items during the year including food, furniture and dry goods. 

For more information on the Anaheim Interfaith Shelter - Halcyon, click here.

Pathways of Hope officially have taken over the operation of Halcyon as of July 1, 2012. After talking with April Johnen, she sent me an email with a list of things one of the families in the shelter needs. There are two teens, ages 17 (Ashley) and 15 yr old (Ty) they need clothes. I know school is starting soon but they are in need of everyday clothes now. Ty only has one pair of jeans. He should have 5 pairs of jeans, shoes have holes. Any amount would help.
 Ashley - Age 17 needs are:
  • Shorts - Size 7
  • Jeans - Size 7
  • Tops - Size Medium
  • Underwear - Size 5
  • Bra - Size 34 C
  • Shoes -  Size 8
  • Ankle Socks - Women's Size
 Ty- Age 15 (at 15 he's 6'4") needs are:
  • Shirts & T-Shirts - Size @-Large
  • Jeans - Size 34 (waist) x 36 (length)
  • Shorts - Size Large (to sleep in)
  • Underwear - Size Large
  • Ankle Socks - Mens Size
  • Shoes - Mens Size 12

Any help, even gift cards, would help this family.  You may drop off donations at the church office and we will deliver them to Halcyon.  Thank you.

"Gently Used" Towels and Twin Bedsheets

Do you have any towels or twin bed sheets at home that you don’t use or taking up space in your linen closet that you’d like to find a good home for?  I have a solution for your problems!  Anything that is gently used can be donated to Halcyon to help the residents at the shelter.  Bring those towels and sheets in and we’ll find a new home for them. 

If you have towels at home that are really used, but not quite ready to throw away we also have a home for them also.  Those towels can be donated to the animal shelters.  The animals need towels and blankets also!  If you’re not sure and just want to get rid of your towels, twin bed sheets and blankets, just bring them in and put them in the Halcyon bin and we’ll decide. Nothing will be thrown away! 

Please drop your donations into the Halcyon Donation Can on the church patio on Sunday mornings.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Hanberg in the church office (714-776-5710.)