Anaheim United Methodist Church

Support Our Troops

We pack boxes the third Sunday of every month before the first service, from 8:30-9:00 a.m.   Please join us! 
For more information, keep reading or call the church office (714-776-5710) and leave a message for Diane Cawood.

Do you have a friend or family member currently serving in our US Military?
  We would like to add them to our prayer list.  Please let the church office know the names so we can add them, and pray for them.  If any of them are currently deployed in the MIddle East, please let us know so we can send them one of our care

Click here for a printable list of items for our Troop Boxes.


We have sent out Christmas cards and "Thank You" cards in our boxes.  Other holiday greetings (Valentines, Easter, etc.) would also be welcome.

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to a soldier? Why not a letter from home. Does this sound like something you would like to do? If so, please drop it off in the troop mailbox in the Narthex. 

We like to include "Thank You" notes or "Thinking About You" notes in the boxes.  Just sign them and place them in the "Troop Mailbox" in the entryway to the sanctuary and we will include them in the next shipment.

Packing goodies and supplies for our Troops in the Middle East.  A fun and meaningful time...

The boxes are blessed with prayer during Sunday worship before going overseas.

Members of our Church Family are proudly serving our Country in the military. 
Please keep th
m in your prayers...

Tim Smith
Tim Zenner
Todd & Matthew
Andrew Bauer
Emily Muirhead
Stephen Flynn & Russ Cromley
Wesley Runion
Paul Beitz
William Collinson
Matthew Sandoval
Terry & Cheri Smith's son & daughter-in-law
Ted & Shirley Zenner's son
Lorine Kern's nephews
Helen Bauer's grandson
Gil & Marti Stephenson's cousin
Cindy Warner's cousins
Larry Runion's grandson
Peg Boring's grandson
Lorene Pennington's granddaughter
Kay & Jack Johnson's grandson
The Cawood's niece's boyfriend
Our Troop Box contact:
SSGT Christopher A. Jeffers, USAF
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

and all the Chaplains and Airmen at Kandahar Air Force Base in Afghanistan
(where our Troop Boxes go)

For more ways to help our US Troop in harm's way overseas,
click here.

What a honor to receive this from our Marines overseas . . .

The flag and this certificate are on display in the entryway to Fellowship Hall.