“What is the Bible?” Book Study

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Our new book study began last week led by Pastor Nicole. Feel free to join when you can as each session is more or less stand alone.

If you would like to sign-up so we know how to set-up the room, please click the link below.


Here is a quote from the author that gives you a bit more insight to what he is trying to share in the book.

“Some people see the Bible as an outdated book of primitive, barbaric fairy tales that we have moved beyond. And so they ignore it, missing all of the progressive and enlightened ideas that first entered human history through the writers of the Bible—ideas and ideals we still fall far short of, ideas and ideals that are still way ahead of our present consciousness and practice.

And then there are the folks who talk about how important and central and inspired the Bible is but then butcher it with their stilted literalism and stifling interpretations, assuming that it says one thing and if you just get that one thing, then you’ve read it well.

But you, I want you to read the Bible in a whole new way.

This is a book about a library of books dealing with loss and anger and transcendence and worry and empire and money and fear and stress and joy and doubt and grace and healing, and who doesn’t want to talk about those?”