Amazing Day Volunteering with Second Harvest!

Saturday, July 6th, 15 people left AUMC at 7:45am to go to Second Harvest to sort food. We were assigned to Grocery Store Rescue where we sorted meat, bread, produce and sweets into boxes. The expired or bad food was discarded and that discarded food goes back to animals and compost in their farms and gardens. Nothing goes to waste! Afterwards we all had lunch together and we talked & laughed about the day.

Here are some of the comments made afterward:

“Love working with others to give back to an organization that continues to be a tremendous part of AUMC’s mission work.”

“Knowing that the food will not be wasted but will feed many who are hungry is fulfilling. I enjoyed working next to my daughter-in-law. The fellowship afterwards provided a chance to make new friends.”

“Packing boxes of food to help hungry families with my church friends and my mother-in-law was fun.!

“I really enjoyed working with everyone. It was really nice meeting Kathy’s friends and Michelle’s mother-in-law. I really liked having gloves!!”

“I enjoyed getting better acquainted with some people that I had never really been in contact with before. It was interesting to witness how much can be done when people work together.”

“I also liked the fellowship. I also like the fact that is easy to volunteer with a good impact with no monetary cost.”

Sandie has contacted Second Harvest to try and set up a day sometime in the fall. Watch for the date and come join us!