End of Summer Blast Wrap-up

I am still amazed that we were able to plan a one-day VBS in a month’s time along with gathering supplies for 82 backpacks for Katella High School. It was only because of the village of volunteers who stepped in to help. Our theme was, “Who is Our Neighbor?”. Pastor James wrote a wonderful puppet show dramatizing the Good Samaritan story. He was helped by puppeteers: Kathy Ramsey and Lucy Eckberg.

Mary Ann Jones, who has done the snack for VBS for years, suggested we have children taste a variety of cheeses from around the world and mix them together with their favorite mac n cheese to show the benefit of all people working together. After the cheese tasting, the children packed a backpack.. Our craft continued with the Good Samaritan theme was planned and led by Sue Morrison and Kathy Ramsey. Providing fun games for Recreation time were Silas Dollins and Lucy Eckberg. Both became soaked in the water activities of the afternoon which included water balloons, water sticks, and a slip n slide.

Helping with registration was Joan Fielder. Leaders who walked students to all the different stations, including a Bible Time with Pastor James, were Lorene Pennington, Maria Calleros, Maggie DuPuy, Bobbie Tomey and Cheri Smith. Our chef at the barbeque was Loren DuPuy with Maggie DuPuy helping to serve lunch. Sherry Hanberg was helper extraordinaire with our layout and heating the mac n cheese. Then thanks to Cheri Smith who spent much time in Walmart and Five Below acquiring school supplies for the backpacks.

Many thanks to all mentioned above and those who donated supplies and to those who contributed monetarily. We received around $500.00 to cover the cost of the backpacks. Melida Diaz-Colon from Katella High School came with two administrators to thank our children for the backpacks 

The 26 children who attended had a wonderful time and one told me later her favorite activity was packing the backpacks. Thanks to all of you who helped this event happen in such a short planning time.

–from Pastor MJ. Buist