A Word from Pastor James

Happy Holy Week Anaheim UMC! On this Holy Week Wednesday, the sun shines through bright white clouds after days of rain. Though we cannot be gathered in our church for Holy Week services, may we be gathered in prayer and thanksgiving in the sanctuary of nature God has made. As we focus our energies on diligently combatting the Corona virus, let us also continue walk with Christ during this sacred week:

Tomorrow on Maundy or Holy Thursday, please remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his closest friends and how he washed their feet, teaching them to, “Love one another… as I have loved you” (Jn. 13:34).

On Good Friday, let us remember Jesus’ crucifixion and freely confess our own failings. With the crucified Christ, let us crucify with him our false pride, our guilt, and anything that prevents us from living fully in God’s love.

On Easter Sunday, let us then rise with Jesus as new creations, like blossoms of spring after the rains, and like a world awakening from stay-at-home living. Surely, when we emerge from our tombs when this all passes, we will appreciate more than ever the love of God and the love of our neighbors. Please remember, as you join us for our Virtual Easter Worship this Easter Sunday, you’re welcome to prepare Communion elements which we will receive eat and drink together as one Body of Christ.

Though we are physically separated, let us remain prayerfully connected to God and one another this Holy Week, knowing that, when life’s routines are stripped away, our life in God’s love lives on.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor James Dollins