All Saints Day Outdoor Service!

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During All Saints Day we honor those who have passed by lighting a candle and ringing a bell. This year since we are outdoors we will be ringing a bell and giving the family member or friend a white rose in recognition of the saint lost.

Regathering Team Update

The West District and Cal-Pac Conference have approved our regathering plan! Our plan is based on several safety measures, which include Wearing Masks, Physical Distancing, and Hand Sanitizing. Thank you all for your patience and prayers during this process.

Our first pilot outdoor service will be on November 1st, All Saints Day. Each year on the first Sunday of November we honor our members who have passed away during the past year. We know this is a worship service that many of you look forward to each year. It allows us to thank God for blessing us with these saints who are no longer with us. This tradition will continue, but with some changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you are all aware we have not been able to celebrate the lives of our saints with in-person memorial services since March of this year. Since there are a significant number of family members grieving the loss of loved ones at this time, this first pilot service will be limited to those families who have lost their loved ones. In this way, we can honor and share our love with them as they continue to mourn.

We know that you will be understanding and respectful as we begin this regathering journey. The Regathering Team will keep you informed of how this service went.

We are excited to announce our next Outdoor Service. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, December 6th for our next Outdoor Worship Service. We will be sharing more about this service and the way you will register to attend soon. Keep your eyes focused on “The Buzz” for important information in the first week of November. 

Thank you, and continue to keep us in your prayers as we work to remain connected and in service to each other, our surrounding community, and our Lord.

Regathering Team