Altar Flowers News

If you would like to purchase one of the arrangements in honor or memory of someone, please follow this link to reserve flowers for an available Sunday. The cost is $55.00. There is only 1 Sunday that has not been reserved yet: 12/5. If you would like to purchase an arrangement for  this Sunday, please click the button below:

We acknowledge that this is an increase from previous years. The Worship Committee made the tough decision to increase this donation. The cost of flowers, like so many other things, has risen. Our florist notified us very recently of this change.  

Here is something that you may not know about the Altar Flower program. For many years now, the amount paid by members to reserve an arrangement has not been the cost to the church by our florist. Fortunately, we have had a benefactor who has covered this difference. We continue to be grateful for their generosity. 

But, remember, if this is more than you feel comfortable paying, please continue to sign up to dedicate altar flowers and pay as you can.

Please submit payment to the office shortly after you make your reservation or you may pay online by clicking here and clicking the green “Give” button in the upper right. Please make sure to note the date of the Sunday that you registered for on your check or online.

If you choose to signup via the chart on the patio after services, you will receive an email or letter to provide the written text regarding the person you are recognizing. We ask that it be kept to 3-4 sentences. If you sign-up online, you will be able to take care of this in advance.

Your AUMC Worship Committee