AUMC Regathering Update

Dear AUMC Friends,

We are truly blessed to have several medical professionals who are members of our church. One of these individuals, Rebecca Whitfield, who is an RN, has agreed to lead our Regathering Team. Thanks, Rebecca!

In coming days, Rebecca and the Regathering Team, comprised of church leaders, staff, and medical professionals, will create a regathering plan. This proposed plan must then be submitted to the West District Office of our Annual Conference for approval. Once DS, Rev. Mark Nakagawa’s office signs off on this plan, we can then begin to take steps that still meet city, county, state and federal (CDC) requirements for resuming in-person meetings.

We will continue to take careful and prudent steps as we move through this regathering plan. As we have seen in the recent weeks, the number of cases has moved up throughout the nation, California and more specifically the city of Anaheim. We will continue to keep a focus on the number of cases. 

For this reason, we cannot yet offer specific timelines for regathering, but we can be assured that skillful and talented members of AUMC are on the job. We will be updating you as we work through these plans. We will share this progress in The Buzz.

Please keep Rebecca and the Regathering Team in your prayers for wisdom and clarity as they faithfully and safely plan for our future.

Health and Peace,

Pastor James Dollins