Apple Pie Making- Thank You!

October 25th was a big day for the pie making people.  We made 76 pies.  This would not have been done with out our very hard working pie makers.

We had 20 people who came to make pies: Linda Boyle, Cheryl Clark, Carmen Black, Betty Enoch, Maggie DuPuy, Kathy Ramsey, Jody and John Clement, Sherry Hanberg, Bill and Donna Fanning, Chris and Jim Abeltin, Pastor Jessica , Sue Kosmides, Pam and Gail Carlson, Truck and Sharon Davis.  Emily Sherman and Bev Dachenhausen measured the 76 seasoning packets.  The apples were donated by Jim and Chris Abeltin, Reon Howard, Helen Carter, Sherry Hanberg and The Circle of Hope. The apples were purchased from the Anaheim Kiwanis Club of Anaheim. The sugar, brown sugar, shortening, flour, and cinnamon was donated by our generous congregation.  As you can see it takes a village to make these pies.

There is not enough thank yous to send to all of you.  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

If you are interested in buying a pie I will be out on the patio on Sunday and they are ready for pickup.  These pies are frozen and unbaked and the  baking instructions are on the bag.  We have sold 41 pies and so there are only 35 left.  If you pick up your pie from the freezer in the kitchen please write your name on the paper on the front of the freezer and how many you took.

The monies from these pies help fund the Circle of Hope outreach projects.  The price is $8.00.

Thank you again and God bless you all,

Sherry Hanberg