AUMC Live! Fundraiser

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AUMC Members and Friends, 

In recent months, our church has been working on technological improvements. We have already benefited from our wonderful new monitors during worship, and have been making strides to livestream our worship services to our AUMC YouTube page. We are now welcoming contributions toward our Livestreaming Fundraiser that will enable us to purchase 3 new cameras, microphones that will enhance our music in person and online, and other equipment to ensure quality and consistency for this ministry. Our goal of $25,000 also includes installation costs. 

We feel these improvements are essential as we continue to look for faithful opportunities to be the church in an age where having a robust online presence is necessary. These planned advancements will help us continue to reach out to our community and beyond, and encourage us to vigorously embrace new and creative ways to be together as a congregation.

Each Sunday, you’ll see a slide with our fundraiser phrase on it: “Anaheim United Methodist Church Live!” These letters will be filled in one by one with color over time as we raise the funds to put toward our AV goals. Above, you can see an image of what the slide will look like with all the letters filled in! To help us fill in all of the letters, you can either purchase a letter outright at $800/letter, or you can simply donate any amount toward the fundraiser.

Donations can be made in person or online via Church Center (click the button below to navigate to Church Center).  If you opt to donate online, please be sure to select “Sanctuary AV” from the dropdown menu. 

We would love to be able to fill all of the letters with color in time for our 50th anniversary on this campus, which will be on Palm Sunday (4/2) 2023.

Thank you for your generous support!