Sweet Treats for Childtime Staff

As many of you know, I was the Director at Childtime from 2010 to 2020. With the onset of Covid and other personal reasons, I retired. One of the best parts of my time with Childtime was the wonderful relationship between the Church and Childtime. 


Let’s continue that wonderful relationship by having a Sweet Treat Campaign! As you know, we have some amazing bakers/treat buyers and candy makers in our congregation! The idea is for these bakers/treat buyers and candy makers to treat Childtime Teachers and Leaders once a month. Our Care Team will have a sign up table on the patio in the very near future. Each baker/treat buyer and candy maker would choose one month to bring treats, a thank you note and a children’s book to the Childtime Staff. Currently, with their expanded hours, they have 23 teaching staff and 4 leaders. I know that this will be an amazing way to show the Childtime Team how much we appreciate them!


During my time as Director, the Church provided the children with a weekly Chapel experience, Circle of Hope and the congregation gifted books and gift cards to children and staff, Prayer Shawls were presented to families and staff facing difficulties, food insecure parents and staff were provided food from the pantry and trustees approved many, many safety measures to keep the children safe. Please join the Care Team and me in celebrating Childtime by joining the Sweet Treat Campaign

Carolyn Pulos