Bulletin Questions You May Have Missed

In case you haven’t been in worship recently, or have missed answering one of the questions Pastor Jessica has posed on the Q & A cards, here’s a list of them! Feel free to write your answers to any of these questions in the comments of this post, and they will be passed on to Pastor Jessica. 

From July 3: What’s your favorite way to celebrate the 4th of July in Anaheim?

From July 10: Favorite place to go on a Sunday afternoon?

From July 17: What’s your favorite thing about Anaheim UMC?

From July 24: Favorite place to eat in Anaheim?

From July 31: Who are the neighbors or organizations Pastor Jessica should connect with who are making a positive difference in Anaheim?

From August 7: What is a dream you have for the future of AUMC?

From August 14: What can you do well enough that you can teach someone else? 

From August 21st: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?