Charge Conference Recap

The 2021 AUMC All Church Charge Conference took place on December 18th. This conference gives our church an opportunity to look at our ministries and our growth over the past year, and to set goals and grow even more toward the future. 

When the District Superintendent, Mark Nakagawa, met with our church, he was encouraged by how we’ve coped with Covid realities, including how we have continued to worship in safe and innovative ways. As part of the meeting, our church was tasked with making a short video to act as a “Parable of the Pandemic,” or a representation of all of the things our church has done in the midst of the pandemic. 

Our Parable of the Pandemic video is now up on our church website if you would like to view it! You can visit our website at and click on the “worship online” button to be taken to the church YouTube channel, or you can click the button below to be taken directly to the video. We hope you enjoy the video!