Come add your voice to the AUMC Choir!

Hello AUMC Family,

Our Sanctuary Choir is always open to accept new members into our musical family. We meet on Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00 pm and present a variety of styles of music for worship for the Sunday morning service.

Please let me clear up a few questions about the choir.

1. You do NOT have to read music. Choir members, Jiwon, and I help all singers learn their part.

2. You do NOT have to sing a solo. We are a team – and our strength is when we all sing together.

3. You do NOT have to come every Thursday and Sunday all year. All members have joyous vacations and unfortunately sometimes medical concerns that prevent them from coming to choir – and that is totally understood.

If you have any other questions – please see me at church on Sunday morning, call me at 310-351-6891, or email me at Thanks.

In His service,
John Elg, Minister of Music

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  1. Betsy Crtichfield

    For clarification, our esteemed Minister of Music directed a “Sanctuary Choir” at a previous church!! Here at AUMC, we are the CHANCEL Choir. Our name has not changed!

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