Coming Changes

Coming Changes

With Deepest Gratitude…

…and also with sadness, I share with you that our Communications Coordinator, Lee Strohm, will be stepping down from his position at the end of this July. Lee intends to dedicate more of his focus to the needs of the hungry and poor through AUMC’s Neighbors In Need program. 

Our church has been blessed by Lee’s work to renovate AUMC’s membership software, the church website, and add an electronic version of our monthly Chimes. He has also initiated the weekly e-news, “The Buzz,” and the “Prayer Wall” on our website. All of these have drawn our church closer together. These communications have also kept AUMC connected through Covid and physical distancing, helping our church to survive and thrive. 

We will celebrate Lee’s service to the church this coming July. In the meantime, please feel free to express your gratitude for Lee’s faithful service as Communications Coordinator.


Pastor James Dollins

A word from Lee:

The pandemic has brought many changes and opportunities. The Neighbors in Need Pantry is one of the important, yet unfortunate, opportunities that have grown out of this challenging time. What had been a growing ministry to the unhoused folks near us providing food bags and toiletries became a thriving ministry to feed families facing food insecurity (as well as continuing to serve our unhoused folks). In April, the Neighbors in Need Pantry volunteers provided food to 1,875 individuals. Our neighbors’ needs have not diminished. Some families are back to work, but not full time. It will be some time till our neighbors are solidly on their feet financially.

This ministry has kept many of us busy. Each month 25 volunteers donate 200 hours to the Neighbors in Need Pantry. Each week I spend part of Tuesday, part of Wednesday, and most of Thursday serving in some capacity with the pantry. This service has nourished me through this pandemic. Knowing that we can ease some of the burdens this crisis has placed on our neighbors has kept me grounded.

As we reopen our church and the office, I have been considering what this means for me. I have spoken with Pastor James and Beth Russell, Staff Parish Relations chair, at length about these competing needs.

After much careful and considered thought, I will be stepping down as the Communications Coordinator of AUMC to give appropriate attention to the Neighbors in Need Pantry as it continues to grow. I will continue to serve through mid to end of July to help transition my duties. 

It has been my pleasure to help the church modernize its website, migrate to a new membership software, introduce other modes of communication, implement other technological tools, serve as membership secretary, and create additional processes. Who would have known that these vital tools would help keep us connected during this challenging time? I have loved working with the fantastic volunteers in the church office over the past five years.

Thank you for all the support, smiles, and kindness.

Lee Strohm

Communications Coordinator

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  1. Ramona Thompson

    We are going to miss your commitment to outreach through technology. Don’t disappear from us.

    1. Lee Strohm

      Thank you, Ramona. It was a pleasure.

  2. Stacey Beard

    Congratulations Lee, you will be missed in this capacity. Thank you for all you have done for me and so many others. Good luck to you and the Pantry.

    1. Lee Strohm

      Thank you, Stacey.

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