Communion Update

This past Communion Sunday found us serving Communion as we have done prior to the onset of the Covid pandemic. Returning to a bit of normalcy seemed like a good decision. This plan was based on several factors, primarily on how Covid is transmitted. The CDC has determined that the principle mode is through exposure to respiratory fluids carrying the infectious virus. Current evidence strongly suggests the transmission from contaminated surfaces does not contribute substantially to new infections. The available evidence continues to demonstrate that the existing recommendation to prevent transmission remains effective. These include physical distancing, use of well fitting masks, and avoidance of crowded indoor spaces. The Regathering committee felt that we could provide these safety methods while serving communion.

It has come to our attention that some church members were not comfortable with this attempt to return to a more normal service. Given these concerns, we are stepping back. It will not hurt any of us to return to serving communion as we have been doing during the pandemic. Those serving communion will sanitize their hands, wear gloves  and masks, and have individual cups of juice. Congregants receiving communion will approach the altar as directed by the ushers, remain 6 feet apart, and wear their mask until offered communion. After partaking of the elements, put their mask on and return to their seat. We hope this allows all of us to feel more comfortable as we receive the blessing of Communion. Thank you once again for showing care for one another and adjusting to the evolving needs of our church and surrounding community. 

Rebecca Whitfield, Cheri Smith, & Pastor James