Consecration Sunday is coming: What does it mean?

Sunday February 16th | 11:30 am | Fellowship Hall

Consecration means to make holy or to dedicate to a higher purpose. Each year we gather to consecrate our gifts both of time and financial resources for the coming year. 

Consecration Sunday has often only focused only on our financial gifts. But our church would not exist in its current state without the valuable time our volunteers give so generously. With this in mind we believe that our Volunteer Recognition is appropriately a part of this dedication. We recognize our volunteers on this Sunday for their gift of time during the past year and their continuing gift of time in the coming year.

If you have become a member of AUMC or have been here during the reception of a new member, we renew our covenant “faithfully to participate in the ministries of the church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service, that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.”

In the time leading up to this special Sunday we encourage you to seek God’s wisdom with your time and financial resources. Giving should not bring a feeling of compulsion, but should bring a feeling of joy knowing that no matter what you consecrate to His higher purpose it will be blessed and multiplied by our Heavenly Father. How will your gift make God’s presence manifest in this world?