Delivery Van for Neighbors Pantry

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The parking lot of Anaheim United Methodist Church with a Uhaul truck in the foreground and a larger delivery truck in the background. Lee Strohm walks with a dolly toward the large truck in the background.

Neighbors Pantry is a vibrant food ministry of the Anaheim United Methodist Church. What was a small ministry before the pandemic has grown exponentially. We are currently supporting about 1,450 households each month with fresh food. This number continues to rise due to the end of substantial food benefit programs ending.

Currently, we are renting a Uhual 9’ van four days a week. This is a weekly expense of about $350 (or $1,400 monthly). This expense is burdensome.

How can you help?

  • Do you have a lead on an affordable used delivery van (9’ at least) or box truck?

  • Do you have a connection for a new delivery van?

  • Do you know of any resource that could help cover the current costs?

If you have any ideas or contacts please email ( or call Lee Strohm on his cell at 206-399-6500.