Dining Fundraisers Are Back

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Join us for nights of food and fun while supporting your community!

Dining fundraisers are a great way to support your church and community while enjoying a delicious meal with your fellow church members or neighbors and other friends. The more the merrier! So why not join our church community for an upcoming dining fundraiser? You’ll be glad you did!

Please read below for frequently asked questions. Please note that the last section talks about RSVPs for some restaurants, which is something new.

How do I know when there will be a dining fundraiser?

We will often make announcements during church service. Most of the fundraisers will be on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, but not always. There will always be a post in the Buzz.
If you’re ever in doubt, remember to use anaheimumc.org/events or anaheimumc.org/dinner-fundraisers/

How do I get a flyer?

Unlike before covid, we will probably not be putting a flyer in every bulletin. Instead they will be available in the narthex as you enter the sanctuary. Greeters will point them out to you. They will also be available on the website for you to print from home. How convenient!  

Helpful tips for the website

💡 Tip #1: In addition to the “events” link above, there is also a direct link to all upcoming dinners that you can bookmark: anaheimumc.org/dinner-fundraisers/  That direct link will show you all upcoming fundraisers. Dates/times/essential info and links to download and print a flyer.
💡Tip #2: See that Subscribe button at the bottom of the list of upcoming events in the example above? It will enable you to get a live feed of upcoming events directly into your calendar. If you have a smart phone and click on that link it means you’ll always have access to the fundraisers where ever you are.


We are experimenting with using a site called GroupRaise.com to provide more variety of restaurants. These restaurants that partner with GroupRaise.com request RSVPs and a minimum number of sign ups. I know this is a new process, but let’s see if we can do it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll stop using them. So please RSVP and please share with your fiends and family!

Here are a couple of restaurants that have confirmed so far:




Below is an example of the RSVP page.