E-waste Event 11/12-11/13

If you have any electronic waste that you would like to get rid of, here’s your chance! Bring it in to our e-waste recycling event on November 12th and 13th from 9am-3pm, both days. Recycling will be a straightfoward process- simply bring your items to the parking lot on either one of those days. 

What is “E-waste?”

E-waste is any consumer electronic equipment that has reached its “end-of-life” or “end-of-usage,” whether in full or non-working condition. It includes most electronics or electric appliances with a cord or a circuit board, such as:

computer monitors, television sets, PC systems, printers, laptops, copiers, scanners, fax machines, toner cartridges, UPS & PDAs, power supplies, main frame units, networking equipment, mother board systems, VCR/VCD/DVD players, home entertainment systems, landlines and cell phones, small portable devices, and car and forklift batteries. The items that the recycling event will NOT accept are: fluorescent lightbulbs and household batteries.

Please note that there is a service charge for major appliances, including cooling units and microwaves.

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  1. Rachel

    Please put the hours that the drop off will take place.

    1. Molly Robinson

      It’s been updated! 9am-3pm both days.

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