Help Us Clean Up the Kitchen!

The Kitchen Committee has been hard at work cleaning up things in the kitchen and pantry. Some of the appliances that were sitting on the counter were found to not even work! Others that still work, but are not used frequently, have been placed on shelves in the pantry. This allows for more counter space available for those that use the kitchen. Working space is always at a premium when working in any kitchen! So, if you enter the kitchen looking for a mixer or a toaster, be sure to check in the pantry for them. 

Also, just as a brief reminder, if you put anything in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry, please label it with your name and the date. There are labels and pens in a small container on the island in the kitchen. It’s amazing how quickly food appears and spoils before you know it! 

In an effort to clean up the space, for the next two Sundays the plates, bowls, and containers that have accumulated on the kitchen shelves will be placed on a table on the patio. Please check to see if anything belongs to you. Whatever is left behind after those two Sundays will be available to whoever feels they can use it. 

Thank you!