Important News Regarding Livestream

Important News Regarding Livestream

I would like to give you an update regarding live streaming our Sunday morning service. Many thanks to Dave Jones, Justin Spencer, Julissa Sanchez, Stephen Hale, John Elg, and Pastor James for all the time they have spent to make it work. 

The quality of what you have seen simply doesn’t meet up to AUMC’s standard. But now the computer used to live stream has just “died”. Dave has worked with it and “babied it” along for some time, but it simply doesn’t work at all! It needs to be replaced. The speakers in the sanctuary are no longer working properly whether you are in the sanctuary or sitting at home.  

We have much work to do before we tackle live streaming again! But, stay tuned, hopefully, it will come back and meet  AUMC’s standard!  

It is no longer necessary for anyone to register to attend church in person; all are welcome every Sunday. We no longer require anyone to wear a mask as long as they have been vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated please wear a mask, or if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so. 

 If at this time you are not feeling great about joining us for in-person worship, please let Pastor James or Cheri Smith know, and we will be sure to get you some printed materials about the worship service, or possibly a CD of the service.

Thanks to all who have continued to support AUMC and the missions of the church

Cheri Smith

Worship Chair