Interfaith Thanksgiving Service 11/20

Sunday, 11/20 | 4pm-5:30pm | Temple Beth Tikvah

All are welcome to join us for an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 20th from 4pm-5:30pm at Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton (1600 N. Acacia Ave). 

This service is a collaboration between AUMC, Fullerton UMC, Temple Beth Tikvah, Temple Beth Emet, and Temple Beth Sholom. The service will be from 4-5:30pm, and then we will have a time of fellowship afterwards. 

If you are planning to attend the service, Temple Beth Tikvah asks you to register for security purposes. Click here to register. If you need assistance with the form, please contact the Church Office at (714) 776-5710.

Our church has been asked to contribute desserts to our time of fellowship, so feel free to bring your favorite desserts and baked goods to share! One very important thing to note so that everyone can enjoy: please ensure that your food item is kosher-style. This means that all food items must not contain both meat and dairy. One or the other is okay. Eggs, however, are considered pareve (neutral) and can be eaten with anything else. Kosher-style means that a food does not have to be certified kosher by a Rabbi, but still adheres to the laws of kashrut (e.g. does not include meat and dairy in the same dish/meal, does not include pork or shellfish).

If you’d like to learn more about kashrut, you can visit My Jewish Learning by clicking the button below.