Worship & Music

Making Beautiful Music

AUMC has long been a leader in the church music community in Orange County. With a beautiful pipe organ, a 9 foot concert grand, 7 foot grand, and a 6 foot grand readily available, not to mention excellent acoustics, the facilities are excellent for making music.

Music and Worship

We aim to employ a variety of musical forms and expressions from both the past and the present. We incorporate the organ, piano, guitar, bells, and more to create a meaningful worship experience.

Our chancel choir shares their gifts during Sunday worship with a variety of styles.

Consider Sharing Your Musical Talents

Our music program is always looking for wonderful people that have a passion for music. Below are some ways you can become involved.

Chancel Choir 

Only requirement: Wonderful people that have a desire to sing as a team.

  • You don’t have to read music!
  • You don’t have to sing a solo!
  • You don’t have to come to choir practice for ever and ever!
Musical Instrument

Do you have a special talent on an instrument? Would you like to play with the choir or maybe even play a solo? Please contact me and we can work together to plan for this.

Herman Hope
Minister of Music