New COVID Guidelines at AUMC

Dear Friends, 

On behalf of the Regathering Team and Nurse Rebecca Whitfield, please note the following for our upcoming in-person worship protocol: 

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for continuing to do their part and keeping diligent with mask wearing and vaccinations. We know that this has been a time of uncertainty and change, and we greatly appreciate the spirit of love and safety you all have helped to maintain. Above all, let us continue to keep one another safe. Considering the age and vulnerability of our congregation, the use of face coverings is encouraged. 

That said, we have decided to allow church members to use their own discretion regarding mask wearing at this time.

In summary, for future in-person worship and other gatherings:

-wear a mask at your own discretion

-social distance

-practice frequent hand washing

Thank you for your continued patience, encouragement, and support, and thank you for putting the safety and health of our church friends above all. 

Peace and Health,

The AUMC Regathering Team