New Scrip Coordinator

We would like to introduce our New Scrip Coordinator!

Thank you to everyone who has supported AUMC by purchasing Scrip through the years. This is a wonderful fundraising program that provides rebates to the church when you purchase gift cards. The best part is that you are already spending this money on groceries, gas, dining, and other shopping. Click this link to a previous post about the Scrip Program to learn more.

Thank you to Sherry Hanberg for her tireless efforts to support and promote this fundraising program. With Sherry’s upcoming retirement, John Duff has been asked to serve as the new Scrip Coordinator. He is looking forward to continuing this valuable program. Beginning now, please send all scrip purchase requests and questions to him.

Text messaging is going to be your best contact method, by far. Otherwise, email and phone calls. 206-948-3297 or

Please be patient as we mange this transition. 🙂

Again our deepest thanks to Sherry for serving as Scrip Coordinator.

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  1. John Duff

    Thank you, Sherry, for driving this program as you have. I hope to serve AUMC well.

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