New Staff Member

A woman with dark brown hair with a blonde streak in front, standing in front of a background of greenery and a fountain, smiling.

The Staff Parish Relations Committee & Pastor James Dollins would like to introduce our new AUMC Communications staff member, Molly Robinson. Below is a message from James Dollins and Molly Robinson:

I am happy to share with you that Molly Robinson has been selected by our SPRC to be AUMC’s new Communications Coordinator. Molly has already started working closely with Lee Strohm, who leaves this position in September, and she brings promising skills and passion for this work.

As an English major, Molly is both a lover of language and of God. The Communications Coordinator position will combine well with Molly’s other AUMC staff roles as Gather Worship Coordinator and Staff Singer. 

We are deeply grateful for the ways Lee Strohm has helped grow AUMC’s communications, especially in technological formats that have helped to strengthen and hold our church together. As we all make a point of sharing our heartfelt expressions of thanks to Lee, let us also welcome Molly with hearts full of hope and encouragement.

Now, let’s let Molly say a few words of her own!: 

My thanks go out to Pastor James, the SPRC, and Lee Strohm for entrusting me with this new Communications Coordinator position! I am excited to serve AUMC and the community through this new work. My time at AUMC began in 2014 when I started as a Staff Singer with my husband, Marc, and I have been blessed to experience the heartfelt encouragement and support you have all shown me since then. My roles as Staff Singer and as Gather Worship Coordinator have truly nourished me. Gather meets out in the courtyard each Wednesday evening at 7pm, and we also have a Zoom option for those who would rather worship from home. We would love to see you there! 

In addition to my work at AUMC, I also teach Advanced Business Writing at California State University, Fullerton. It has been enjoyable  to connect with the next generation of students and inspire them to express themselves in their writing. 

In my free time, I love to read, write creatively, cook, travel, and spend time with family (which includes my two kitties) and friends. At AUMC, I will work to ensure that the Buzz, the Chimes, and the church website are kept current. Thank you all so much for your continued patience, kindness, and support! 

With Gratitude,