Passing of a former church member…

My name is Jesse Eyssallenne, my wife and I were members of AUMC for a long time. 

I am announcing the sad news of my wife’s passing. Theresa Eyssallenne, my wife, passed on April 28th, 2021. She was born on February 27, 1953.

Theresa served as a volunteer for many years at AUMC. She played the piano for the children’s choir when Judy Bohlen was the children’s choir director. Theresa was also a member of the adult choir. My daughter Lydia Eyssallenne is also a musician, and she played her violin for the church many times and had a few recitals at the church for friends, family, and church members. 

The Reverend John Fanestil was the pastor, and Mary Hubbard was the assistant pastor. 

Theresa wishes she had time to say goodby to all her friends at AUMC; unfortunately, that didn’t happen.