Pastor Jessica’s Lenten Practices: Week 5

During the season of Lent, our sermon series is “How Do I Forgive?” and each week we will share 3 practices for cultivating forgiveness based on the theme for that week. These practices come from The Book of Forgiveness by Archbishop Desmund Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu.

Those of you worshiping with us in person during this sermon series has or will receive a small packet with a journal, a candle, and a stone to help you engage in these practices of forgiveness.

For those of you worshiping with us online, I invite you to make yourself a journal, find a stone somewhere near your home, and identify a candle you might use for the practices I will share each week.

Below are the practices for week 5:

Meditation: (adapted from Tutu pg 160)

Releasing or Renewing a Relationship

  1. Mindfully call to mind and enter a place of safety.

  2. Invite a trusted and affirming companion to sit with you.

  3. Allow yourself to feel all the hope and any anxiety that surrounds your relationship with a person you have forgiven.

  4. Describe your hopes and fears to your companion.

  5. Your companion will not judge your hopes, your fears, or your decisions. Your companion will affirm your inner wisdom.

  6. When you feel settled in your choices, you can leave this space. 

Stone Ritual: (Tutu pg 161)

Releasing or Renewing the Stone

  1. Decide whether you will turn your stone into a new thing of beauty or release it back into nature.

  2. If you have chosen to renew the stone, decide how you will pain it or decorate it. You may also choose to turn it into something useful in your home or garden. 

  3. If you have chosen to release your stone, choose a place to set it down that is meaningful to you.

Journal Exercise:

As you reflect on this sermon series, write down 2 or 3 things you have learned, and 2 or 3 next steps you would like to take.