Pastor Jessica’s Lenten Practices: Week 4

During the season of Lent, our sermon series is “How Do I Forgive?” and each week we will share 3 practices for cultivating forgiveness based on the theme for that week. These practices come from The Book of Forgiveness by Archbishop Desmund Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu.

Those of you worshiping with us in person during this sermon series has or will receive a small packet with a journal, a candle, and a stone to help you engage in these practices of forgiveness.

For those of you worshiping with us online, I invite you to make yourself a journal, find a stone somewhere near your home, and identify a candle you might use for the practices I will share each week.

Below are the practices for week 4:

Meditation: (Inspired and adapted, Tutu pg 141)

“Loving Kindness”

  1. Close your eyes. Imagine the love, compassion, and forgiveness of God, who calls you God’s beloved child. Imagine the capacity God gives you to show love, compassion, and forgiveness toward others.

  2. Allow these emotions and gifts to radiate out from inside you. This is what it feels like to be free of fear, anger, hatred, and resentment. This gift of peace lives within you. You can step into this place whenever you wish. 

  3. Now imagine a person or people you are trying to forgive. Imagine that you are their parent and they are like a tiny baby in your arms, before they hurt you, before they hurt anyone. See their goodness and humanity.

  4. Can you bless them and wish them well? Can you send them compassion and kindness? Can you let them go into God’s hands?

Stone Ritual: (Tutu pg 29)

  1. You will need your palm-size stone.

  2. For the space of one morning (approx. 6 hours) hold the stone in your non-dominant hand. Do not set the stone down for any reason during this period.

  3. At the end of 6 hours, proceed to the journal exercise.

Journal Exercise: (Tutu pg 29)

  1. What do you notice about carrying the stone?

  2. When did you notice it the most?

  3. Did it hinder any of your activities?

  4. Was it ever useful?

  5. In what ways was caring the stone like carrying an unforgiven hurt?

  6. Make a list of the people you need to forgive in your life.