Pledge Campaign Update

As we approach Consecration Sunday (February 14th), we would like to share a pledge campaign update. Anaheim United Methodist Church continues to be blessed by the generosity of our church family.

This past year was trying for all of us, but we ended 2020 with a budget surplus due to our church family’s generosity, the blessing of the Paycheck Protection Plan, and reducing expenses. We also stepped in to offer hope and food to our neighbors at this impossible time. We may be disappointed to be separated as a church, but we have most definitely been serving. God has blessed your gifts this past year and continues to this year.

As we begin this new year, we know this will have challenges of its own. But your generosity continues to dispel the dark shadows cast by this pandemic. Many of you have already returned your commitments to the ministry of AUMC, and we thank you. Please know that you may return your pledge anytime and that you can adjust your commitment at any time.

Consecration Sunday is this week. Consecration means to make holy or to dedicate to a higher purpose. In prior years we gathered at lunch to consecrate our gifts both of time and financial resources for the coming year, but this year we will ask God’s blessing on the gifts during our online service.

In the time leading up to this particular Sunday, we encourage you to seek God’s wisdom with your time and financial resources. Giving should not bring a feeling of compulsion but should bring a sense of joy, knowing that no matter what you consecrate to His higher purpose, it will be blessed and multiplied by our Heavenly Father. How will your gift make God’s presence manifest in this world?

Thank you for the commitment to the ministries of AUMC.