Prayer of Peace

Let us all be in prayer for God’s peace and justice in these days of unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. If you will, please join with me in this prayer:

Holy Spirit, during this season  of Pentecost when we remember how you gathered many diverse people as one, we long for you to do the same today.

Comfort the loved ones of George Floyd who was tragically and unjustly killed in Minneapolis.
Forgive those who have sinned.
Heal society’s wounds and divisions born of fear and misunderstanding.
Protect all your children, including the marginalized, the vulnerable, as well as those employed to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Give us wisdom to see each life as a reflection of you, the Source of Life, until our bonds with one another secure the peace you desire for your creation.

We pray in the name of the Prince of Peace.


Pastor James Dollins