Red Cross Blood Drive

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Red Cross Blood Drive at AUMC on Sunday, January 16th. 

There is an acute shortage of blood in the US, and the need for blood is desperate. According to the Red Cross blood donations help patients of all ages: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients,  chronic disease patients , and those battling cancer.

How our donations help these patients: 

  • Accident victims and surgical patients often experience acute blood loss. They are helped by transfusions of whole blood or packed red blood cells. Power Red donations and Whole Blood donations of all types will help save lives. 
  • Patients  who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease, who are predominately black, benefit from donations of Type O blood from donors of African descent.
  • Because of the treatments given to cancer patients  some are unable to produce platelets. Platelet donations of all blood types are needed to help these patients fight this disease.

Please consider signing  up for the upcoming blood drive. Appointments are available. Our code: AUMC

For more information, and to make an appointment, please visit this link: