Red Cross Blood Drive Updates

Our thanks to you both for your donor recruitment efforts and support of yesterday’s blood drive. We appreciate the hospitality of Anaheim United Methodist Church.
While we did not achieve the goal for the blood drive, the nine units collected may impact up to 27 patients in need of blood at this time. Someone in the country needs blood every two seconds, so your efforts really matter. We can also hope that the four first-time donors may now establish the regular practice of blood donation, extending this lifesaving effort far into the future.
These donations have an incredible impact every day. For example, from the Red Cross website: 
A man named Cody Hermeling was involved in a horrific car crash. After being rescued from his crushed vehicle, Hermeling was transported to a local hospital where doctors gave him less than a 3% chance of survival. Emergency treatments included receiving 187 pints of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Hermeling survived his injuries- thanks in large part to medical care and volunteer blood and platelet donors. While the crash left him blind, he is otherwise well today. Since 2011, Hermeling and his mother have sponsored an annual blood drive with the Red Cross- collecting hundreds of pints of blood to benefit patients in need. 
It is real people’s stories like this that provide a true measure of the incredible impact of our combined efforts. Thank you for standing with the American Red Cross to help save lives.