Regathering Update on the CDC Announcement

A Regathering Update on the CDC Announcement

This past week has brought us more news and confusion regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Regathering Team has met to plan how AUMC will respond to these ever-changing recommendations and guidelines. As most of you are aware, the CDC has recently issued new guidelines for the use of masks. The CDC advised that masks would not be required outdoors and indoors if you were fully vaccinated. What many people may have missed when listening to this welcome announcement was the proviso that you must continue to follow state and local guidelines regarding the wearing of masks. This statement has created a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. 

What are the state and local guidelines? 

The State of California is still under the tier system.  Most counties in Southern California are in the Orange Tier and rapidly moving to the Yellow or minimal tier. The state anticipates opening fully by June 15th. Even with this positive news,  public health experts recommend that common sense health measures, including wearing masks, will continue.

Our plan to proceed

The Regathering Team has considered all of the above and has decided that at this time, we will continue with our current plan for in-person worship. We felt this was necessary to ensure the health of all our congregation. This means that we will continue with our registration system and physical distancing in the sanctuary.  We will wear masks during the worship service, and there will be no responsive prayers and singing by the congregation.  Our staff singers will also be physically distanced and wearing masks. Pastor James and the liturgists will remove their masks during the Scripture readings and sermon and then resume wearing them during the remainder of the service. 

Pastor James and the Regathering Team thank you for your patience and prayers as we navigate this challenging and ever-changing time. We look forward to the months ahead when the state and county can open fully, and life will be “normal” again.

The Regathering Team