Remembering Barbara French

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Barbara has joined the great cloud of saints.

Remembering Barbara French

It is with great sadness that we share with you that Barbara French passed away early on Thursday, September 9th. 

With gratefulness for her life, let us offer prayers of thanksgiving for Barbara, while also keeping her family in prayer as they begin their process of grief and healing. 

Barbara was a vibrant and encouraging presence in her community and family. She was a journalist and writer, and taught a regular writing class on Tuesday afternoons for many years. One of her students reports that she was sharp, quick, and supportive to her students. She even moved the writing class to Zoom when the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many such classes. Barbara continued to teach until three weeks before her passing, demonstrating her resilient and perseverant spirit. 

In addition, Barbara wrote two memoirs and was very active in the Good Dealers group on campus at AUMC.  

Thank you, Barbara, for the countless ways you have served your church, family, and world. You will be greatly missed by all!

If you have a memory of Barbara that you would like to share, please click the button below to be taken to a Google form where you can enter it. Your wonderful responses will be collected and passed on to her family.