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Margaret has joined the great cloud of saints today.

Remembering Margaret Heuler: It is with sadness and also gratitude for her life and to share with you that she passed away today, June 16th, 2021. 

With praises for her life and sadness for our loss, let us offer prayers of thanksgiving for the life of Margaret Heuler. This afternoon, Margaret passed away to live with God forevermore. Let us keep Margaret’s family in prayer as they begin their process of grief and healing.

Margaret was such a wonderful person and loved her church dearly. Her talents were many, from cooking to gardening. She was a bright and special person. We will miss her dearly.

Thank you, Margaret, for the countless ways you have served your church, family, and world. 

If you have a memory of Margaret that you would like to share, please follow the link below. We will gather these wonderful memories and share them with her family.

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  1. Dick Gray

    Margaret was a quiet mainstay for our church and will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bart and his family.
    Dick & Phoebe Gray

  2. Bruce Loftus

    I have known Mom Heuler since I was a 12 year old boy. Her sonJohn was my best friend and I spent countless hours over their house. Mom took me in like I was her own son. She helped me out so many times it’s hard to keep track.

    As I grew older I married and had children. All four of my girls call her Grandma Heuler. Once she went to China snd brought my oldest daughter a kimono back. My daughter wore that virtually every day until it no longer fit. To this day she still has it and is one of her most cherished memories of her childhood and Grandma Heuler.

    We may have lost a wonderful person but Heaven has gained a Saint.

  3. Lorine Kerns

    What a wonderful world this would be if we had more people like Margaret who shared her love, caring and talents so generously. I will always remember her kindness and words of encouragement when I received a beautiful note from her thanking me for giving of my time and efforts. The irony – coming from someone who contributed so much to so many. You will be missed, my dear friend, by all who knew and loved you.
    I send my condolences and prayers to the Heuler family.
    Your AUMC friend,

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