Prayers of the People Conference Call (September 10th Last Call)

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The last conference call for Prayers of the People will be Thursday September 10th at 4 pm.

Dear Friends,

It has been such a pleasure sharing these calls with each of you weekly. This has been a time of fellowship and lifting prayers.

Now that the Gather worship service has returned, it provides a time for Prayers of the People. Almost everyone that was a regular attendee of the calls also attends the Gather service. It seemed like a natural conclusion of our conference calls.

Thank you again for sharing your prayers and joys. I look forward to hearing these during the weekly Gather service.

You’re invited to call-in, listen to the prayers of others, and offer your own petitions as well. (Please state your name before voicing your prayer concern or celebration). We will remain in prayer as long as prayer concerns are lifted, and then conclude with the Lord’s Prayer.


Dial 425-436-6398 

Enter this access code when prompted: 489352 followed by #

Between now and then, consider what joys and concerns you would like to share in our time of prayer.

“See” you Thursdays at 4 pm!

-Pastor James