Scrip Earnings Report First Half of 2022

We’re half way through 2022; can you believe it!? At this time, I would like to share with you some information about our scrip earnings so far this year.

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2022 First Half Profit

Our earnings for the first half of 2022 are $1,285.17!

Thank you to everyone who purchases electronic scrip or scrip from our scrip-to-go program! I encourage everyone to consider using scrip as it provides passive income to the church on purchases you are already making. 🙂

We could use more families purchasing cards as just seven families + Circle of Hope generate 86% of the gross profits. For reference, each Chili’s gift card of $100 earns us $11. A $100 card @ Bath and Bodyworks, Panera, or Buffalo Wild Wings earns us $8. This may not sound like much but it adds up.

One family started buying cards every week for groceries in August 2021 and they’ve now earned $200 in one year.

Here’s another story. Lee and John bought Delta airline tickets with scrip. That was an $80 profit to AUMC on that one purchase.  In another case since L.L. Bean’s rebate percentage is 20%, we earned AUMC another $96. So there is plenty of potential.

So, do you want to learn how to help AUMC finances without spending any extra money? Of course you do! Please stop by any Sunday service to talk to Jim or John and/or any of the families who regularly buy scrip.

To our scrip-to-go program, we have added $100 Target cards. Are there other cards you wish we had? Just ask!

See how scrip helps us to raise money with this one minute video.

Thank you for your support. 💖

–John Duff