Scrip Earnings Report

We’re half way through 2021; can you believe it!? At this time, I would like to share with you some information about our scrip earnings so far this year.

$ 0
2021 First Half Profit

Thank you everyone who purchases electronic scrip or scrip from our scrip-to-go program!

I encourage everyone to consider using scrip as it provides passive income to the church on purchases you are already making. 🙂

To our scrip-to-go program, we have added $2 gift card wrappers. It is a convenient way to wrap those cards you just bought for gifts and we earn a rebate on them, too! We have a demo set ready for you to examine.

We have also added $100 Home Depot and $100 VISA cards. Are there other cards you wish we had? Just ask!

See how scrip helps us to raise money:

Thank you, again.

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  1. Vicky

    This is fantastic info, thanks John for all your efforts with the scrip program, especially the implementation and use of electronic scrip.

  2. Linda Boyle

    Thanks for all of this information John!!

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