Senior Holiday Gift Program

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Your support of this ministry is vital.

Senior Holiday Gift Program (previously known as Senior Stockings) is a vital ministry to home-centered seniors in our community. 

Each year our church has enthusiastically supported the seniors who are served by Meals on Wheels of OC. Unfortunately, this year the need has snowballed. Meals on Wheels has seen their meal service grow 500% due to the pandemic. The isolation for seniors is staggering as it is for many of us.

Will you join us in bringing joy to these seniors. Our support lets them know they are seen, cared for, and important.

The flyer below will layout 3 ways for you to help. Option 3 is “Give a Gift Card”. You can support AUMC as well if you purchase Gift Cards from our Scrip Program. The best gift cards to purchase are Target and Walmart. Contact Sherry Hanberg via email.

You may also send a check with “Senior Gift” in the note section. 

There are no words to describe how much your support means to them. The heartfelt thanks, the tears, and the cracking voices in their messages always touch my heart.

Thank you again!

Lee Strohm

Provisions, co-chair

Holiday Gift Program Flyer – LoRes