Sipping Coffee and Enjoying the Company

For the past several Sunday mornings, we have resumed having fellowship on the patio while sipping coffee and enjoying the company of those attending worship on Sunday mornings. This is just a little thing, but it is a BIG THING for us to keep in touch with our church family.   

Worship Committee is looking for a couple more good people who are willing to make this happen one Sunday each month. Really, it is not hard (directions are provided) and after the first time you’ve done it, it will become routine. It does take a bit of time before and after the service to make this happen.

Tom Edelblute, Nancy and Steve Wyatt, Bob Osborn, and Carla Girssman have already volunteered to make this happen for us one Sunday each month. Talk with them if you might have questions.  Of course, you can also ask me about it.  

Cheri Smith,

Worship Chair